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      1. Virtual care your employees will actually use

        Employees love First Stop Health's Telemedicine because they save time, avoid aggravation and don’t have to sit in a waiting room full of sick people.

        • 24/7/365 access to licensed, board-certified doctors
        • Talk to a doctor within 3 minutes, on average
        • Get a prescription, if necessary
        • No pre-registration needed

        Download the Buyer's Guide to Telemedicine


        zero-cost Telemedicine Benefits

        First Stop Health guarantees that savings from avoided in-person doctor, urgent care, or
        ER visits will exceed total fees paid.

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        We do the work for you

        Implementing a new employee benefit takes time. First Stop Health does most of the heavy lifting to onboard employees and drive utilization for its Telemedicine, Care Navigation and Enhanced EAP Counseling services.

        • Customized, targeted and year-long engagement campaigns
        • Engagement activities executed by FSH with client direction to maximize utilization and savings
        • Quarterly and annual reports that measure "hard dollar" savings generated against goals
        • Easy onboarding and population maintenance through automated tools and our client dashboard

        Download the Buyer's Guide to Telemedicine

        Savings Guaranteed

        First Stop Health believes that if you are not generating a positive ROI with telemedicine, you aren't getting your money's worth.

        That’s why we contractually guarantee 125% savings with our Telemedicine solution. Your company will save money with FSH, like no other employee benefit program currently can.

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        Savings Guaranteed

        From our Members

        • “I had a sinus infection, so I called and talked to a doctor. He efficiently called in a prescription for me and all is good. This was simple, efficient and convenient.”
          -David L, OH, Member
          “My first time using this service. I was very impressed. I barely hung up the phone with the representative when the doctor called me. I went through my symptoms and he was able to prescribe an antibiotic to be picked up at the pharmacy of my choice. Awesome service and I very much appreciate it. The doctor was very nice as well. Great service!”
          -Dawn T, FL, Member
        • “I had been feeling sick for weeks, and just hoping I would get better without seeing a doctor. I didn't want to take the time to see a doctor. I'm so glad I finally did. The whole process took only a few minutes from the time I logged in to request an appointment until I got a text message saying my prescription had been sent to the pharmacy. The doctor was very caring and professional, and made sure to answer any questions I had.”
          -Elizabeth B, NY, Member
          “It was just like magic. One phone call, no hold time and the next thing I knew, the doctor was ready for me. Great job doctor and all who made it possible to help me.”
          -Amos O, TX, Member